Decompression Shorts «15»

A few minutes ago, I saw something I’d never seen before. I looked in the mirror, looked myself right in the eyes and behind them I saw 27 years. I don’t say this in an “oh, I’m so old” sense, but rather in an appreciative one. In the wake of a recent tragedy where an acquaintance lost his life much too early, I’m once again left with this sense of how fragile life truly is. It only takes a single unexpected moment, and suddenly 27 will never become 28, but even still, there’s no sense in living with a constant fear of death.

So to you, future self, whenever I may choose to look back at this particular day, I hope you can look at your life in that moment and say that you are living it full. If not, take a moment and reconsider what you’re doing, whatever it is that’s holding you back. Take it from yourself, “future you” might be older and wiser, but even “past you” knows that’s not how you want to live your life.


Decompression Shorts «14»

From one world straight into another, I dive into the words. Riding the current, the pages crash, unrelenting waves that I wish wouldn’t stop… But I have to stop… Drop my anchor and mark my page; calm the sea and shut the cover. The skies fill grey with anticipation, as I anxiously wait for my next chance to set sail… Back into the perfect storm.


Decompression Shorts «13»

Well, it’s officially January 2nd, 2014, which means I’ve had a full day to reflect on the entire year of 2013… which I have not even begun to do remotely, because I spent the entire day reading.

I’d forgotten how amazing it is to get completely lost in a book and live in the world between those pages. Now that I’ve remembered, I hope I don’t forget again.


Decompression Shorts «12»


Four letters combined as a tool to visually convey this emotion or this feeling from within us. Often times, I feel like people get so focused on the word “love” that they forget to look for the emotion. There are even people out there who take this fact for granted, and use “love” as their own personal tool to manipulate others; giving a false sense of the emotion, simply by using the word. If we’re too focused on looking for or listening for the word, and not looking for the emotion, we can be easily fooled into thinking love is there, just because we hear it and may want it to be.

We need to remember that there is a difference between love and “love.” You may hear someone tell you they “love” you, but it only turns out to be temporary, until they’ve gotten what they want. Suddenly, you realize that this “love” you’ve been promised is nothing but an empty shell created using those four letters.

I’m not saying that “love” can’t mean love, but simply that as a word, it’s just like any other word, empty until you fill it with emotion. So don’t look for the word, but expand your view and look within words for love. If you’re too busy looking for “love,” you’ll miss the love within every “sweet dreams” and every “drive safe,” or whatever it is that someone may be putting their love into for you.


Decompression Shorts «11»

I firmly believe that everyone deserves to find love… Or let love find them. As much as some people think they can, I don’t think we really have any control over when love appears and in what form. I think there are still right and wrong times, which we still need to recognize, but in the end, when it appears at the right time, I don’t think anyone has a right to stand in its way.

In the end, I think if love has found its way and the relationship causes no damage to my own or my loved ones’ happiness, then so be it. No one has any right to say who we love or what makes us happy other than ourselves. However, these two things should come hand in hand, love and happiness because they should coexist with one another. Though, while I don’t believe love can exist without happiness, happiness existing without love is debatable, and probably getting in depth at the moment.


Decompression Shorts «08»

I’ve had this idea for a project that I really need to push myself to move forward. While this same phrase could be applied to any of my many unfinished projects, this one in particular is something that I’m striving to complete.

When I was torn between career paths, one thing I tried to keep in mind was my desire to help people. I ended up choosing design as my career path, but I’ve not given up on my dream to make a difference in the world. This is where my “pay it forward” concept came to be. If you’re unfamiliar with the idea, it’s basically doing something selflessly, for someone else, and then they turn around and do something for someone else, and it continues on, spreading positivity and happiness throughout the world.

My project has come to several stops along the way, currently still in the logo and business identity development. But this past weekend kind of gave me a jolt of rejuvenation. I decided Friday that the design needed a fresh start and then Saturday at the Tori Kelly concert (which was absolutely amazing by the way, I didn’t think someone could sound better in person than on their album, but I was proven wrong) she mentioned her own #PayItForeword movement. I’ve taken these as signs that I need to push and be more active with this. I can’t expect to make a difference without making any moves.

In the mean time, do something nice for a stranger, not only today but whenever you can. The world can always use more happiness and positivity, and you never know, even the smallest gesture could help make someone’s day.


Decompression Shorts «07»

I have more than enough sad thoughts flooding my mind right now, so I think I want to try and focus on the positives. This week is thanksgiving, but rather than remembering what I’m thankful for, how about… The things that I should be thankful for or take for granted. It’s easy to think of things to be grateful for, but what about those things that we may forget about. I originally was going to try to talk about some, but considering that this would require more thought and probably more time than a “short” should allow, I’ll just plant this idea. Maybe I’ll think about it and come back with a more full answer later, but in the mean time…

The things that we’re thankful for come easy to us, because they’re more obvious, and maybe we even show our gratitude towards them on a regular basis. So yes, be thankful for those this thanksgiving, but make sure you take some time to consider those things that don’t come to mind as easily. Take time to think about what you may take for granted and how you can show your appreciation for those things.


Decompression Shorts «06»

I actually had a special topic I wanted to talk about tonight, but I’m so tired and emotionally drained for today that I can’t even gather enough brain power to give it the attention it deserves. Instead, I’ll actually stick to my idea for once and keep this pretty short.

I’m making sure that I’m posting tonight because I’ve actually missed the past few nights. My lesson from this weekend is one of reality, it’s something that I like to think I believe in, but you don’t really know until it’s put to the test. Appreciate the special ones in your life and make sure they know that you love them, because we never really know how long they’ll/we’ll be around.

So I’ll keep this short and say that life is too short, appreciate it while you can, whether it’s your own life you’re appreciating or someone else’s.


Decompression Shorts «05»

I’m stuck tonight, not too sure what to write about. I’ve got several ideas swimming around in my head… But how about let’s not pick any of them, instead I’ll talk about the fact of these ideas swimming in my head (this just came to me now, so we’ll see how well it goes).

I remember spending nights at my old apartment, laying in the dark, watching the lights crawl across my ceiling, or sitting on the balcony, as the lonesome cars floated back and forth across the bridge in my backyard. Those nights were a lot like tonight, so much on my mind, so many ideas darting around in my head, and I just needed somewhere to get them out… Funny enough, that’s when I started this Tumblr.

Back then, I think it began as somewhat of a necessity for me; trying to clear my mind, get me away momentarily from the quicksand I felt like I was sinking into. Today, it’s still a necessity, but not to get away or vent out my feelings. Rather, I see this as a tool to document my experiences and foster my creativity.

It’s a good feeling to get to this place at the end of the day and not know what to write about… Not because I have nothing, but because there’s just too much. It’s all a matter of opening my eyes and paying attention to the world around me… Actually, not only the world around me, but the world within me. Just like it’s so easy to let time go by and live life like we’re on a life-sized conveyor belt, building each day just the same, it’s just as easy to flip our brain to auto-pilot and let our thoughts flow in and out so freely. But that’s exactly how we lose good ideas and let beautiful memories fade…

This is totally not the direction in which I had intended for this post to go, but many times the best ideas come from this type of spontaneity. So, if you’re reading this, please join me and switch your brain back to manual control; I think our future selves will thank us.


Decompression Shorts «04»

The other day, I had a conversation with Noel about our persectives on love. For me, I’ve realized that even with my pessimistic view of the rest of the world at times, I still maintain optimism for love. Whether it’s one day finding the right person, or working together with your current partner to get through a rough patch, my heart seems to air more on the side of a “love is all you need” or “hopeless romantic” mentality. Keep in mind, this is not for every situation, rather that one must be realistic about their expectations, but that’s a whole different topic for another time…

Where did I develop such a strong optimism for love? Growing up, the idea always fascinated me, finding one’s “soulmate” and living “happily ever after.” Movies and TV only helped fuel this fascination. Some of my favorite movies include Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Love Actually, and Serendipity. Not to mention, my all time favorite TV show and couple, are Boy Meets World and of course Cory and Topanga… Another topic that I could go on about, but again, another time.

The main point tonight is that people often watch the media’s representation of love, and they develop unrealistic expectations for their own love lives. Funny enough, Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon Levity) in the movie 500 Days of Summer is a perfect example within media, of media warping one’s perception of love and forming unrealistic expectations. The “expectations vs reality scene is obvious, but even in the opening narration they mention that he had a misinterpretation of the movie, The Graduate.

For me, I feel like I’ve found a happy medium between “fairy tales” and reality. I understand that these stories are ideals, and almost never happen the way they do in movies.

I never actually expected to fall in love with my business rival, but I did fall in love with my best friend.

I never actually expected to find a lost glove and fall in love with its owner, but I did leave love in the hands of fate, rather than going out and looking for it (to a certain extent, I mean it does take SOME work hahah).

These are ending up way longer than I intended, so much for “shorts” … But in any case, I do believe love is out there for everybody, we just need to be patient and let it find us… Again, with a little bit of work… Wow, this blog really did drag on for quite a bit, oops…